M5S want to move Savona, League doesn't

Mattarella weighing Di Maio proposal 'very carefully'

(ANSA) - Rome, May 30 - The anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) are willing to move rejected economy minister pick, anti-euro economist Paolo Savona, to another post in a possible new government but their prospective ally, the anti-migrant Euroskeptic League, want to keep him in the same post in which he was scotched by President Sergio Mattarella, ending their first government bid.
    M5S leader Luigi Di Maio said Wednesday that "we'll find a person of the same calibre of the excellent professor Savona for the Treasury and he will "stay in the government team in another position".
    Mattarella ssid he was weighing Di Maio's proposal "very carefully".
    League leader Matteo Salvini, however, said he hoped to form a government with the M5S but rejected the M5S's idea of moving Savona. He said he wanted "the same team" and that Di Maio had agreed that Savona was the best man for the job of representing the government's economic position in Brussels.
    Di Maio said the M5S and the League "never conceived the hypothesis of leaving the euro".
    Di Maio reiterated a call for a political and not technocratic government saying that technocrat premier-designate Carlo Cottarelli does not have the numbers in parliament. The formation of a political government does not depend on the M5S, which is in favour, but on the League, Di Maio said. He said former premier-designate Giuseppe Conte could be "recalled" with Savona moving places and thus potentially meeting Mattarella's approval. Salvini said his patience was "almost up" over the possibility of forming a new government. "In the meantime the mortgage instalments do not have patience," he added. "If they block me now, I'll ask for the votes to go it alone," he said.
    Like Di Maio, premier-designate Cottarelli went to see Mattarella Wednesday and the pair agreed not to "force the timetable" for the formation of a political government, presidential sources said.
    The two men thus decided to slow things down, because of the evolution of the political situation, and certainly not due to problems with the ministerial list that Cottarelli is drawing up, the sources said.
    Cottarelli is waiting for possible developments for the formation of a political government before pressing further ahead with his effort to form an interim technocrat executive, sources said.
    "During his work as premier designate for the formation of a new government, new possibilities emerged for the creation of a political government," sources close to Cottarelli said. "Faced with the tension on the markets, this circumstance induced him - in agreement with the president - to await eventual developments".


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