Venice anti-crowding turnstiles 'working'

Tourists seeking alternative ways in to lagoon city

(ANSA) - Venice, April 30 - Two turnstiles set up to reduce tourist overcrowding in Venice are working, municipal police chief Marco Agostini said Monday.
    He said they were acting as a "deterrent" and tourists were choosing alternative ways into the lagoon city.
    Anarchists from so-called 'social centre' anticapitalist squats on Sunday dismantled one of the new anti-crowding turnstiles.
    "Venice is not a reserve, we aren't on the way to extinction" said the antiglobalists after tearing down the turnstile put up to stem the flow of arrivals during the long Labour Day weekend.
    The turnstile was put back up after Mayor Luigi Brugnaro inspected the site, saying "we won't fall for provocations and will continue to work to solve the city's problems".
    Meanwhile Capri Mayor Gianni De Martino said the Bay of Naples island may bring in similar measures as its hotels and other accommodations filled to breaking point for the long weekend.