Alfredo Romeo indicted for corruption (3)

In Naples graft case

(ANSA) - Naples, February 21 - Top Naples businessman Alfredo Romeo was indicted for corruption in the southern Italian city on Wednesday. The businessman was sent to trial in a case involving his contracts, judicial sources said. The trial starts on April 10 in Naples. Also indicted was Romeo's aide Ivan Russo.
    Romeo is at the centre of a probe involving civil-service procurement agency CONSIP, which also involves ex-premier and Democratic Party leader Matteo Renzi's father Tiziano and Sports Minister Luca Lotti.
    Last month Rome prosecutors requested a six-month extension for their probe into Tiziano Renzi, over alleged wrongdoing related to CONSIP.
    Tiziano Renzi is being probed for alleged influence-peddling in the case.
    In all, sources said, the extension has been asked for 11 people.
    They also include Carabinieri Commander-in-Chief General Tullio Del Sette, and the former commander of the Tuscany Carabinieri, Emanuele Saltalamacchia.
    The same extension has been asked for Sports Minister Lotti, for allegedly tipping off CONSIP chief Luigi Marroni there was a probe into the agency.
    An extension was also asked for Romeo, suspected of paying CONSIP a large bribe.
    Others for whom an extension was asked include: businessman Carlo Russo, a former MP in ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's now-defunct People of Freedom (PdL) party; former PdL MP and ex-Romeo consultant Italo Bocchino; Grandi Stazioni CEO Silvio Gizzi; former CONSIP managers Domenico Casalino, Luigi Ferrara and Francesco Licci; and the president of Pubbliacqua, a Florence municipally controlled water utility, Filippo Vannoni.


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