No family doctor for 14 mn Italians in 5 yrs - FIMMG

Effect of upcoming retirements

(ANSA) - Rome, February 9 - Silvestro Scotti, the secretary of the Italian Federation of General Practitioners (FIMMG), told ANSA on Friday that "in the next five to eight years 14 million citizens will be without" a family doctor due to retirements.
    "It appears almost ridiculous to see that none of the political parties that aspire to govern the country are making proposals or commitments about territorial care," Scotti added. FIMMG and the union of medical managers ANAAO said Friday that 45,000 GPs and hospital doctors are poised to retire in the next five years. The situation will get even worse over the next 10 years, they said, with a total of 80,676 doctors retiring by 2028. That total will be made up of 33,392 GPs and 47,284 hospital doctors, the two organisations said. They said Italy was facing a "haemorrhage" of medical professionals.


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