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UK apologises for school forms splitting up Italians

Italian ambassador says applications to be fixed

(ANSA) - London, October 12 - The Foreign Office in London has apologised for school forms in some districts that split Italians into three categories, the Italian Ambassador to Britain Pasquale Terracciano said on Wednesday. He added that the forms, which asked applicants to identify themselves as being of Italian, Neapolitan-Italian, or Sicilian-Italian origin, will be fixed.
    Terracciano said he had received a "telephone call" ahead of a formal written apology after the embassy lodged a petition of protest on Tuesday. "Italy has been a unified country since March 17, 1861," the embassy had pointed out. Terracciano said the Foreign Office "shared our perplexities".
    "They want to find out how this could have happened," he continued. "In the meantime they have committed themselves to ask for those forms to be changed. More formal written apologies are expected in the coming hours".


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