Renzi repeats threat of EU funding cut over migrants (2)

Solidarity can't be one way, says premier

(ANSA) - Rome, February 22 - Premier Matteo Renzi on Monday reiterated his threat to push for cuts in EU funding to member States who refuse to help out with the refugee-migrant crisis.
    "Every year we put in 20 billion euros (to the EU budget) and we get 12 in European funds, so we are net contributors," Renzi told foreign reporters. "At this point, you either do like (former British Prime Minister Margaret) Thatcher and say 'I want my money back' or, (if you are) like us, you are willing to put in more money if there is a community ideal. "Solidarity in Europe cannot be a one way and my opinion is clear that when it will be time to discuss funding planning, it will be impossible not to take account of the fact that some see solidarity as being one way". When Renzi expressed similar sentiments at last week's European summit, Hungary accused him of attempting "political blackmail".


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