Sala Milan victory result of 'Party of the nation' - Fassina

'Former Expo CEO does not represent plurality of Pisapia'

(ANSA) - Rome, February 8 - The victory of former Expo CEO Giuseppe Sala in centre-left primaries in Milan on Saturday and Sunday was a "predictable consequence of the Party of the Nation", Rome mayoral candidate for the recently formed Italian Left (SL) Stefano Fassina said Monday.
    In Italy "Party of the Nation" is used by critics of Premier and PD secretary Matteo Renzi to describe maneuvering ostensibly aimed at building the broadest possible consensus for the centre-left party, irrespective of political affiliation. "Sala responds to that profile and doesn't seem able to represent the plurality of experiences instead mustered by (outgoing) mayor (Giuliano) Pisapia," Fassina continued.
    The former junior economy minister who left the PD last year is refusing to take part in centre-left primaries in Rome in March on grounds SL and his former party have no common ground.


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