Police find 300,000 euros in cash held by arrested tax judge

Judge accused of corruption in judicial acts

(ANSA) - Milan, January 28 - Italian finance police have seized 267,000 euros in cash held by an Italian tax judge who they have accused of corruption in judicial acts in a case linked to the company Swe-Co.
    The cash was found in two security boxes, and was divided in envelopes that were distinctly related to their supplier, said preliminary judge Manuela Cannavale.
    Police said they also found large sums of cash at the home and offices of the judge, Luigi Vassallo, bringing the total to about 300,000 euros.
    Wiretaps and testimony from a secretary working at Vassallo's office helped lead police to the cash discoveries. Vassallo was arrested on Thursday along with judge Marina Seregni, who is also accused of corruption.


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