Capuozzo informed Fico 'immediately' (2)

Quarto mayor says M5S 'threw baby out with bathwater'

(ANSA) - Naples, January 18 - Quarto Mayor Rosa Capuozzo from the 5-Star Movement (M5S) told a prosecutor Monday that she informed M5S bigwig Roberto Fico "immediately" of her November 24 interrogation about threats she allegedly received from fellow councillor Giovanni De Robbio, who was expelled from the M5S after allegations of Mafia links.
    "No point keeping your hands clean if all you do is keep them in your pockets," the embattled mayor of the town near Naples wrote on Facebook Monday.
    "The M5S...threw the baby out with the bathwater," she added.
    Fico, a leading member of the anti-euro party that prides itself on being an outsider to what it says is the corrupt, conniving political system in Italy, said Thursday that the anti-establishment group is no longer present in Quarto, confirming that councillors backing Mayor Rosa Capuozzo were no longer considered part of it.
    Capuozzo, elected as an M5S candidate, was expelled after ignoring calls from the movement for her to resign amid a probe into mafia infiltration of her administration.
    "The M5S is no longer in Quarto to all intents and purposes," Fico said when asked if the councillors have been expelled.
    Capuozzo's husband Ignazio Baiano is under investigation for alleged false declarations and alleged breach of construction regulations, ANSA sources said Thursday.
    This may have been used in an attempt to blackmail Capuozzo by a former councillor at the centre of the mafia-infiltration allegations, Giovanni De Robbio, the sources said.
    De Robbio, who is alleged linked to the local Camorra mafia, was expelled from the M5S before Capuozzo.


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