Muslim student to play Mary in Nativity play in Pescara

Sends an important message of welcome, says head teacher

(ANSA) - Pescara, December 9 - A 17-year-old Muslim student will play the role of Mary in a large nativity play organised by a school in Pescara, the institute's head teacher said Wednesday. Some 200 pupils from seven different schools in the Adriatic coastal city will take part in the show, which is being staged by the Aterno-Manthoné Institute for the twentieth year.
    "There will also be other Muslim students," said head teacher Antonella Sanvitale.
    "We gave students of different faiths full freedom to choose whether to take part, but it was them who asked us whether they could participate.
    "We are happy to be able to send an important message of welcome." The nativity play will take place on December 18 at 5.30pm in the surroundings of Piazzale della Madonnina.
    The mayor of the city, Marco Alessandrini, will appear as one of the Three Wise Men.


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