Renzi launches survey on 500-euro culture bonus

For feedback on initiative to fight terrorism with cultural ed

(ANSA) - Rome, December 2 - Italian Premier and Democratic Party (PD) head Matteo Renzi on Wednesday launched an online survey soliciting opinions about his proposal to offer Italians turning 18 in 2016 a 500-euro card for cultural activities such as theatre performances, concerts, and museum visits.
    The bonus is part of the government's one-billion-euro spending package on culture to match one billion in security spending as a response to the November 13 Paris attacks, and has garnered criticism, especially as a possible vehicle to entice potential PD voters.
    "Helping 18-year-olds to remember who we are seems to me a government's duty, far from an electoral gratuity," Renzi wrote in a letter to PD members, in which he launched an email feedback campaign.
    "What do you think of it? I'll gladly read your remarks at the address".


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