About 3.2 million elderly Italians work, majority enjoy it

Elderly also developing new activities, projects - report

(ANSA) - Rome, November 17 - A total of 3.2 million elderly Italians work regularly or from time to time and the majority enjoy it, a study showed on Tuesday.
    The report by research institute CENSIS and Future Concept Lab found that a further 225,000 elderly people are preparing to look for work in coming years and 407,000 will try to start an independent business.
    Furthermore, 84.5% of those surveyed for the report viewed their life positively at the moment. A total of 48.6% of respondents were very or quite satisfied with their work because it pleased them, while 35.9% were satisfied but wanted to work more or do different things. The survey also revealed a trend for elderly people to develop new activities, projects and relationships. About 6.6 million elderly Italians go to restaurants, 6 million go to the cinema, theatre or museums, 4.8 million play betting games, 3.1 million travel abroad and 2.8 million attend dancing courses.


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