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Faux furs take this winter by storm

At top labels including Armani and Stella McCartney

(ANSA) - Rome, October 29 - Faux furs are a guilt-free must this winter - a pro animal-rights choice that preps fashionistas for the big chill.
    Available in a wide range of peppy colorways, hip in short versions or mixed with eco leather, the faux fur coat is a key piece for day and night across a number of collections. Indeed the fur look is very much in fashion at the moment.
    And for those who have inherited a fur coat but are weary to don it - either over animal rights concerns or simply because the model is out of style - the brand K-Way offers a way out of the dilemma.
    The label, which has been making its iconic lightweight and packable rain jackets for half a century, has invented the FurBe service.
    K-Way clients can turn to a number of fur coat shops in major Italian cities that are part of the service and transform their old coats into hip fur-lined raincoats.
    In Rome, the historic Bertoletti 1882 fur atelier is providing this type of makeover. Elsewhere, Stella MCCartney, the only high-end designer who makes exclusively non-leather bags and shoes, has debuted for fall-winter 2016 a range of extremely warm faux furs.
    The British designer has always focused on cruel-free and environmental-friendly fashion and her eco furs are crafted with special synthetic fibers giving the same natural feel and warmth as animal fur.
    Kidassia coats, made from goat hair, also remain a trendy option for those who don't want to become acrylic wearers but vie for a cruelty-free option.
    A hip choice over the past two seasons, Kidassia was styled as an oversized jacket in light blue and grey at Giorgio Armani while Elisabetta Franchi opted for black and white.
    Meanwhile faux came in bright yellow and bubble-gum pink at Moschino.
    At Emporio Armani, eco fur jackets came in a palette of black, purple and cobalt blue.
    The label Cannella has promoted its faux furs with a campaign across Rome's landmark sites, from the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain, Milvian Bridge and Villa Borghese to showcase its vests and jackets in shades of burgundy, brown and blue.
    The brand has also added inserts in eco leather, lace and satin for its short coats and longer Seventies-inspired silhouettes.
    And faux fur vests in either bold colors or soft pastels are a popular alternative to jackets and coats when temperatures are milder.
    Stella McCartney has designed a long version running down to the ankle in camel styled over camel-shaded pants and jumper for a sophisticated monochrome look.


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