Origin countries must take back citizens to get EU aid (2)

Topic to be discussed by interior ministers Thursday

(ANSA) - Brussels, October 5 - The countries of origin of migrants must agree to take them back if they are repatriated in order to qualify for EU aid, EU presidency sources said Monday. They were discussing countries which do not currently have readmission accords with the EU and its member States. The issue will be discussed by EU interior ministers in Luxembourg Thursday.
    "We don't like this way of proceeding, but this is what is on the cards now," the sources said.
    "We will apply our repatriation policy, even if there aren't any readmission accords, because we can't wait five or six years to achieve them. Spain is already applying this model, with success".
    Repatriation is one of the key issues for Italy, in order to enable 'hotspot' registration centres to work properly.


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