Prosecutor asks for eight months for writer in No-TAV case

Erri De Luca allegedly called for 'sabotage' of high-speed train

(ANSA) - Turin, September 21 - The Turin prosecutor's office on Monday asked a judge to sentence writer Erri De Luca to eight months in jail for instigation to commit a crime.
    In printed interviews, De Luca allegedly encouraged the 'sabotage' of the construction yard for the TAV high-speed rail link between Turin and Lyon. Judges in the case said "when De Luca speaks, his words have a determining weight, above all on the 'No-TAV' movement".
    De Luca said he feels the sentence is a statement about lack of free speech.
    "I'm a witness of the willingness to censor speech. This sentence will be a message on freedom of expression," De Luca said.


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