ENAC says if Alitalia leaves Fiumicino, it 'leaves Italy'

Civil aviation authority says nowhere else for Alitalia to go

(ANSA) - Rome, September 11 - The head of Italy's civil aviation authority ENAC responded Friday to threats by Alitalia that it would leave Fiumicino airport following problems with service and delays.
    ENAC President Vito Riggio said the authority would help the company "in legitimate ways" but added "if (Alitalia) leaves Fiumicino, it means it leaves Italy".
    Riggio made his comments prior to a meeting between members of airport management company ADR and Alitalia over the question of Fiumicino.
    "I don't think they (Alitalia) want to go somewhere else, because there's nowhere else to put them and they're set up to work from Fiumicino. They have a terminal that's all theirs and there are plans to improve it even more. If there are other suggestions we'll give them to ADR and will watch to make sure they're done," Riggio said.
    A meeting of ENAC's board of directors scheduled for Friday didn't take place due to lack of a quorum.


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