Netanyahu wants to reinforce Italy-Israel ties

Israeli premier proposes greater bilateral cooperation in Africa

(ANSA) - Milan, August 27 - Italy and Israel are linked by "strong friendship" that can be reinforced in fields such as "tourism, technology, science (and) culture," Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday during a visit to Milan Expo 2015.
    "Israel and Italy work together in Africa in just one country," said the Israeli premier, referring to Senegal.
    "We could help much more, why not in 10 or 20? We want and we must reinforce our collaboration and I am ready to talk about it with (Premier Matteo) Renzi in Florence".
    "Israel has been a pioneer in science applied to agriculture," he added, "We made such progress in irrigation and desalination in the 1970s that today we recycle 80% of our water".
    "We are proud of this and want to share our science with the rest of the world. We are ready to do our part".


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