UN must address migrant 'human tragedy' - Bagnasco (3)

'Have int'l organs ever addressed this?' wonders CEI chief

(ANSA) - Genoa, August 17 - Italian Bishops Conference (CEI) chief Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco said after meeting 50 refugees in Genoa Monday he wondered whether "these international organs like the UN in particular that gathers political and financial power have ever seriously addressed this human tragedy". He went on: "when we see hundreds and thousands of people, human beings, men, women and children making voyages of death to get to countries far from their own for reasons we know well, we cannot help concluding that this problem is a real humanitarian tragedy.
    "It is the West especially that, through its European and international and world organs must seriously address and find effective solutions for this huge human tragedy, for these people who flee their countries because of war, violence and famine, seeking a better future", said the CEI president.


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