States must have new role in automotive industry says Grasso

Organisation, investment, innovation among requisites for growth

(ANSA) - Rome, July 28 - States must play a new role in promoting the growth of the automotive industry, Senate Speaker Pietro Grasso said Tuesday.
    "The development of global competition between leading car manufacturers creates new prospects for industrial policy intervention," said Grasso at the presentation of research conducted by Unioncamere chambers of commerce association and business consultant Prometeia into the automotive sector in leading European countries.
    "There is a role for the market and a new role for States," continued Italy's former anti-mafia chief. The decision by Europe to raise the contribution of manufacturing activities to 20% of GDP means the car industry must have a central role, Grasso said.
    "This is all the more true for Italy, where Fiat, after buying Chrysler, has become the seventh largest global car manufacturer," he continued. "Further, our country boasts one of the most advanced parts production sectors in the world," Grasso added. The Senate speaker pointed to Germany as an example of how it is possible to develop the sector even in the most advanced countries. "What is needed is organisational wisdom, sensitivity towards new lifestyles, willingness to invest and collaboration between capital, labour and the university sector to ensure constant technological innovation," Grasso said.


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