L'Espresso journalists probed over Crocetta wiretap (3)

Piero Messina and Maurizio Zoppi broke story

(ANSA) - Palermo, July 27 - Two journalists from L'Espresso newsmagazine are under investigation in connection with an alleged wiretapped conversation between Sicily Governor Rosario Crocetta and his doctor Matteo Tutino, the Palermo prosecutor's office said Monday. Piero Messina and Maurizio Zoppi broke the story earlier this month of the alleged conversation, in which Crocetta allegedly remained silent as Tutino said ex-regional councilor Lucia Borsellino "should end up like her (Mafia-slain) father". The Palermo prosecutor's office denies the wiretap exists, and Crocetta has strenuously denied the allegations in the article.
    Both reporters could face charges of publishing false news, and Messina could face an additional charge of slander - a felony currently punishable with prison time - because he named an investigator as his source.
    The investigator denied having leaked the wiretap.
    Both reporters invoked their right to remain silent during interrogation by prosecutors earlier in the day.
    L'Espresso has stood by its story and its reporters, saying the wiretap exists.


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