Google apologises for tagging black people as 'gorillas'

Much work still needs to be done on Photos app, company says

(ANSA) - Rome, July 2 - Google has apologised after its new Photos app tagged black people as 'gorillas'.
    The colossus of Mountain View made the apology after receiving a complaint from computer programmer Jacky Alciné who had spotted a photograph of himself and a female friend in a file labelled 'gorillas'. Google's chief social architect Yonatan Zunger said that much still needed to be done to perfect the software, which uses algorithms to recognise the subject of a photo and label it accordingly for easy filing. "We have had problems with people of all races being labelled as dogs," Zunger said.
    And in recent weeks bloggers have reported that dogs in turn are sometimes tagged as horses.
    For the time being, the company has removed the tag 'gorilla' from the app.


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