Veneto not racist but no room to spare says Zaia

'Stop biblical exodus at the source' says governor

(ANSA) - Venice, June 17 - Veneto Governor Luca Zaia said Wednesday his region is not racist, but there is no more room for more migrants.
    "I live in a territory that is not racist, but now there's no more room to spare," he told a parliamentary commission on the migrant reception system in Italy and the application of the Schengen accords.
    His wealthy northern region is already hosting 3,966 refugees and is not willing to accept more, said the governor, who hails from the anti-immigrant, anti-euro Northern League party.
    "Most of them are Moroccan and Senegalese...they are not refugees," he added.
    The ongoing migrant "exodus of biblical proportions" must be stopped at the source, Zaia said.
    "Immigration from North Africa has become an exodus of biblical proportions," he said.
    "It must be stopped at the setting up reception centers in Africa," he added.
    "In that case the Veneto region is ready to send all possible aid where it is needed - doctors, nurses, medicine, civil protection".


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