Former Democratic Party whip warns PD defection serious

Speranza says Civati's split means party malaise

(ANSA) - Rome, May 6 - A former Democratic Party (PD) whip for the Lower House on Wednesday said Pippo Civati's split with the PD should not be taken lightly.
    "Civati's farewell is an act that should make us pause to reflect and can not be dismissed with a shrug, but is a testament to malaise. I do not share the exit from the PD, but the fact that a person who received 400,000 votes in the primary is leaving must make one reflect," said Roberto Speranza, a PD deputy who stepped down last week as the party whip in the Lower House. Civati challenged Premier Matteo Renzi in the party primaries 18 months ago. On Wednesday he said he is quitting the PD. "Out of coherence with my beliefs and my voters' mandate, I no longer feel I can vote my confidence in the Renzi government," the Lower House MP told ANSA on the phone.


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