Ex-regional councillor nabbed on mafia vote-rigging charges

Along with four members of 'Ndrangheta clan

(ANSA) - Rome, April 29 - Carabinieri paramilitary police on Wednesday arrested five vote-rigging suspects in the southern Calabria region, including former Calabria regional council member Santi Zappala'.
    Investigators say Zappala' paid the Pelle family clan of the powerful 'Ndrangheta mob and other clans a total of 400,000 euros in exchange for votes in his successful run in the 2010 regional election on Silvio Berlusconi's now-defunct People of Freedom (PdL) party ticket. Zappala' was arrested in December that year, and was sentenced to two years eight months in prison for election rigging in collusion with the mafia.
    The other four suspects arrested are members of the Pelle clan, police sources said.


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