EU on verge of approving 19 GMOs

'Most for use in animal feed, two ornamental flowers'

(ANSA) - Brussels, April 22 - The European Commission is on the verge of approving 19 genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for trade within the European Union, EU sources said Wednesday. "Most of them are destined for animal feed, and two are ornamental flowers," the sources said.
    The Commission will also assess proposed legislation allowing member countries to retain the option of limiting or banning the GMOs even if they are EU-approved.
    The EU has already approved 58 GMOs - including beetroots, corn, cotton, soy, and rapeseed - with 17 applications still pending after they were approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
    The EU imports significant quantities of biotech feed, but few food products.
    It requires over 36 million tonnes of soy a year to feed its livestock.


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