PD bill envisages same-sex stepchild adoption

Proposal seen as opening by party toward gay adoption

(ANSA) - Rome, March 18 - The Democratic Party (PD) appears to be moving towards same-sex couple adoption but only for a biological child from one partner in the couple, a party Senator said Wednesday.
    The opening, dubbed "stepchild adoption," is contained in the text of a document on civil unions presented to the parliamentary justice commission by PD Senator Monica Cirinna.
    Her draft law also introduces cohabitation contracts that would govern the rules of unmarried heterosexuals living together.
    "This concerns the extension of parental responsibility to the child of the partner, envisaged in article 44 of the law on adoptions where after the word 'spouse' are inserted the words 'or by civil union between people of the same sex," said Cirinna.
    The Senator said she hopes the discussion on civil unions will start next week so that it can reach the Lower House within a reasonable time frame.
    Cirinna's bill also calls for same sex-civil unions to be registered by municipalities and institutes a series of juridical rights such as inheritance protection.


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