Italy's foreign energy bill estimated to drop by some 20%

Reduction due to consumption drop and oil price fall

(ANSA) - Rome, December 17 - Italy's expected bill for imported energy will be some 20% less this year than in 2013 due to reduced consumption and the decline in world oil prices, the union of Italian oil firms Up said Wednesday.
    The tab for foreign energy in 2014 was estimated at 45 billion euros, some 11 billion euros less than in 2013, a reduction of some 20% while the cost of oil imports to the peninsula is expected to be 25 billion this year, a reduction of 18%,according to the Up.
    Demand for energy fell by an estimated 5.1% in 2014, slipping to 157.6 tonnes of petroleum, a return to the level of the 1980s.
    Nearly all forms of energy consumption fell except for renewable energy that rose by estimated 3.9% and net electricity imports, which rose by 2.3%, Up said.
    Oil remained the main source of energy, making up 35.4% while gas consumption falls by an estimated 11% to make up 32.4% of total energy consumption.


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