Berlusconi to run in primaries like everyone else says Fitto

Ex premier's one-time confidant warns FI needs 'renewal'

(ANSA) - Rome, November 26 - Prominent Forza Italia (FI) MP Raffaele Fitto said Wednesday the ex center-right premier must run in party primaries like everyone else.
    "Primaries hold for everyone within the party," Fitto said.
    "There are millions of voters who no longer give us their vote, and who may not support us for much longer...I believe these voters can find renewal in us".
    Fitto's remarks came as the veteran FI leader and media mogul has come under fire from within his own ranks after the party's poor showing in Sunday regional elections.
    "I sincerely hope no one will dare minimize or seek alibis for the dramatic results in Calabria and Emilia Romagna," Fitto said Tuesday.
    The one-time Berlusconi confidant now leads a dissenting minority within FI that is not happy with the fact that the ex-premier has entered into negotiations over electoral law reform with centre-left PD Premier Matteo Renzi. Berlusconi said earlier this month that he would work on "relaunching and refounding FI" and that he had "recovered unity" with Fitto.


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