Tor Sapienza residents ask politicians to stay away

5-Star Movement announces visit to troubled Rome quarter

(see related)(ANSA) - Rome, November 17 - The anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) said Monday it is sending four representatives to meet with citizen committees in Rome's troubled Tor Sapienza neighborhood.
    But they may not get the welcome they hope for.
    "We call on politicians, in this case the M5S, not to come here because we want to take charge of our lives without any political label," said Sandra Zammataro, spokeswoman for Via Giorgio Morandi residents.
    Her street is where a gang of 80 masked locals last week attacked a migrant reception center housing teenaged refugees with sticks, stones and flares, setting cars and dustbins on fire and injuring policemen.
    "The M5S, like the others, is part of a State that does not represent us," Zammataro said.
    A number of politicians from across the political spectrum have visited the site of last week's anti-immigrant violence, including Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino, who got jeered at.


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