Rome a leading European city for sorting garbage

Rome's sorted trash is 38% of total, 27% recycled, Ama says

(ANSA) - Roma, October 24 - Rome is one of Europe's leading cities for sorting and recycling garbage, according to an Italian trade association and Roman waste management company Ama SpA.
    Out of Rome's rubbish, 38% is sorted, 11% is organic, and 27% is used for the recovery of materials for recycling, such as glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and metal, according to findings revealed by the Italian Environmental Technicians Association (ATIA-Italia) and AMA SpA.
    A Roman catchment area of three million people served by Ama produces 1.78 million tons of garbage annually, or 610 kg per person. ATIA-Italia and AMA also examined waste management figures for Berlin, Vienna, Paris, London and Madrid. Berlin led the pack with sorted garbage reaching 42% of the total, and 33% burned for energy. Berliners produce 442 kg of garbage per person.
    Paris and Madrid were at the bottom of the group, with differentiated garbage making up just 13% and 17% of the total, respectively.


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