Marine detained in India 'had stroke,' says partner

Latorre making slow recovery in Italy

(ANSA) Bari, October 7 - An Italian Marine who was held in India for over two years with another serviceman for allegedly killing two fishermen suffered a stroke during his time abroad and is only recovering slowly, his partner said Tuesday.
    Massimiliano Latorre "is undergoing physiotherapy and goes to hospital every day," Paola Moschetti told ANSA.
    The fusilier from Taranto did not have just "an ischemia as was said, but a haemorrhage in a profound part of the brain," she added.
    Indian authorities who had insisted the marines remain in India pending trial allowed Latorre to return to Italy temporarily for health reasons.
    "Massimiliano suffers here for the separation from his colleague (Salvatore Girone) and is sorely tried by this whole situation," Moschetti said.


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