Italy will forge 'more consistent' EU policy, says Mogherini

Vote is mandate for Rome to rewrite EU agenda, minister says

(ANSA) Rome, May 26- Italy will spearhead new, "more consistent" policies for the European Union following the stunning victory by Premier Matteo Renzi's Democratic Party in European elections, Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini said Monday.
    "Now Italy is no longer in a condition where it has to ask Europe for help but can instead, as a full player, construct new policies for Europe, not just economic policies but also a more consistent European foreign policy concentrated on our strategic priorities and interests," she told Skytg24 television.
    "We are the real hope for the European continent," she added,"we are the government of hope in Europe as well. We have to try to contribute to the good of our whole continent together".
    Mogherini underlined that "Italy doesn't have to go and speak with Europe, Italy is Europe." With the results obtained in the European elections last week-end "the Italian government is called to the responsibility of re-writing the European agenda". The electoral result is a sign "to pursue and accelerate on the road of reforms in Italy and in a European key," she continued.
    Voters had delivered a message meaning that "the only way to save the European dream is to change, also in Europe," the foreign minister told Skytg24.


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