Apple pays less than 8 mn euros in taxes to Italy for 2013

Authorities dig for legal flaws in tax filings

Apple Italia and Apple Retail Italia in 2013 paid less than eight million euros in taxes to the Italian inland revenue agency, a company balance sheet seen by ANSA shows.
    Two Apple managers are currently under investigation by magistrates in Milan for false tax declarations.
    Investigators believe Apple's sophisticated corporate-tax strategy reduced its contribution to Italy's public coffers by more than a billion euros over two years, from 2010 and 2011.
    Apple's corporate structure for years has irritated Italian and other European tax authorities by concentrating European profits in Ireland, where the US computer giant has negotiated a tax rate of less than 2%. The California-based electronics maker in 2013 saw a turnover of nearly 38 billion euros in Europe, and garnered profits of 37 billion dollars worldwide.


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