AI boosts security cameras

New device to be presented at ExpoSec fair in Sao Paulo

(ANSA) - Rome, May 21 - In the context of the growing use of new technologies for the security sector, two Brazilian firms will next week launch a system of CCTV cameras using artificial intelligence for real-time face and body recognition.
    The new development, dubbed "Video Analytics", is the fruit of the collaboration between a startup dedicated to artificial intelligence, InovaMind, and a digital security company, TecVoz, and it will be presented during the Exposec international fair, organized by Cipa Fiera Milano, running 21-23 May in Sao Paulo.
    The two companies have developed an unprecedented technology for the Brazilian market, which uses video images captured by security cameras to analyze faces and bodies, identify dangerous people and suspicious movements and thus generate information on the basis of this material.
    In order to be able to use a solution of this type, up till now, it was necessary to import it, which ended up producing very elevated costs. "It was a very expensive technology, which depended on very expensive servers and models of artificial intelligence. Now, on the contrary, we have set up an algorithm that is able to identify not only the face, but also the body", Jung Park, founder and CEO of InovaMind, told ANSA in an interview.
    According to Park, the system is able to map more than 2,000 points on a human face, and can be employed for many purposes, such as the entry to a condominium, the monitoring of a determined point, or the access to a residence.
    "The system will tell you what time your home help arrived at your house, or whether someone who should not have been there entered yor residence,", added Park, stressing that Video Analytics is able to identify people, recognise bodies and identify their presence, differentiating between men and women and also between employees and customers.
    According to InovaMind, the precision of facial recognition is over 99%. "Another interesting aspect is that this device offers many possibilities: when you have in your hand the remote control (for the garage, per example) there might be another person with you, but the system manages to see if there are two or three people. And if it noted the presence of an unregistered identity, it would not open the door and would trigger an alarm", explain's the firm's founder.
    In the collaboration between the two companies, InovaMind contributes its technology, developed for a whole year, and TecVoz the CCTV cameras. "This year we want to reach the target of at least 100,000 cameras loaded with this technology", says Park, stressing that there are projects that involve up to 2,000 cameras.
    The focus of the new proposal is put on the market of security and monitoring the flow of people, such as for example shopping malls or subway stations. "The use of the technology for security is now a global trend. Even the justice minister, Sergio Moro, said that he wants to bolster the use of the sector technology, so we can say that on this issue there is a convergence of will between the public and private sectors", he concluded.