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The government of Ljubljana towards technological neutrality

Chinese tech giants will have again the doors open

24 September, 14:16
(ANSA) - LJUBLJANA, 24 SET - The incumbent government headed by Robert Golob seems to have softened its stance on the law on telecommunication, in contrast with the conservative executive of Janez Janša, which signaled several times the aim to gradually exclude Huawei equipment from the telecommunications infrastructure market, a decision in line with the United States interests. After the previous government planned to label Chinese vendors as high risk with their further exclusion from participation in future deliveries of equipment for the 5G network, the current, liberal-oriented government adopted last week the proposal for a new law on electronic communications.

According to the new provisions, which follow the footsteps of Germany, Austria and Finland, Chinese tech giants will have again the doors open for the deliveries of equipment in light with the EU's technological neutrality. As the governmental office for communication put it, regarding the question of its position towards Huawei and its interests in the supply of telecommunications equipment in the establishment of a 5G network on EU territory, "we clarify that all suppliers must be guaranteed a level playing field and that the government does not have any pre-fabricated position towards any actual or potential provider of telecommunications equipment". The law in question has been already discussed at the committee level and will be voted by the National Assembly before the end of the month. (ANSA).

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