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European vote in the New Europe, from Austria to Slovenia

Centre-right parties grow in the area

30 May, 17:39

(ANSA) - TRIESTE - In the Balkans centre parties prevail, in Germany Angela Merkel's party is confirmed, popular party falls down in Poland. Here is the map of yesterday's European election in the New Europe. Croatia, experiencing the first European election, chose the centre.

AUSTRIA : according to exit polls, Popular Party is winning with 27.1%, while the Social Democrats (SPOE) reach 23.8, Eurosceptics (FPOE) came third with 20.1% and double their seats (from 2 to 4). Green Party are around 14.6% . BULGARIA: : according to exit polls, the conservative party Gerb led by former prime minister Boyko Borissov wins (28.6%), followed by the Socialist Party, led by Sergei Stanishev , with 19.8%, and by the Turkish minority party, DPS, with 14.9% and 3 seats.

CROATIA: Clear victory of the centre-right coalition led by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ ), with 41%, that will gain 5 of 11 MEPs assigned to the country. The centre-left coalition gained 29.9% and 4 MEPs.

GERMANY : Angela Merkel's CDU is confirmed as the first party (35.3%), although it saw the worst result since 1979. SPD is growing (27.2%) and the antieuro party Fuer Deutschland had a great success, with 7%. One seat is also gained by the neo-Nazi party NPD .

LATVIA: the popular party 'Unity' gains 46%, the Conservatives of 'National Alliance' 15%. Social Democrats pro-Russian of the ' Harmony Centre ' (13%) and the Union of Green Parties (8%).

POLAND: PO, Popular Party which is currently governing, have lost one third of the votes (compared to 2009) but remains the first party in Poland. The Eurosceptics of the KNP led by Korwin - Mikke Janusz have recorded a great success and could gain 4 seats with 7.2%, Conservative party Pis is struggling for supremacy, with 31.8%.

REP. CZECH : The pro-European Ano won ( 16.13 %), followed by the Liberals of Top 09 (15.95%), Social Democrats (CSSD) led by the premier (14,17%). Even the Communists will take part in the Europarliament (0.98 %).

ROMANIA: The Socialist Coalition led by Prime Minister Victor Ponta is winning with 41% Liberals are ranked 2nd with 14.9%, the Popular party, PDL, does not go beyond 11,8%. Hungarian Democratic Union in Romania (Popular Party) won 7% and the Populists of the PMP 6.7%. SLOVAKIA: with the lowest turnout, 13 %, the Social Democrats (Smer) led by Prime Minister Robert Fico won (24,09 %), followed by the Popular Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) with 13.21%, and the Slovak Union of Christians Democrats (SDKU) with 7.75%. SLOVENIA: official victory of the Slovenian Democratic Party (centre-right) with 24.86%, followed by Nova List Slovenija and Sls (centre) with 16.46%, by the list Verjamem (centre) with 10.50% and by DeSUS (centre) with 8.16 %, followed by the Social Democratic Party (centre-left) with 8.05% Only 24% went to the polls. (ANSA)

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