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Serbia: 1,000 animals at risk of dying due to drought

Army intervenes with tanker trucks in the Suva Planina area

16 September, 17:06
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, SEP 16 - A thousand animals, about 800 cows, and 200 horses are at risk of dying because of the drought, as they have been without water since last weekend. An African desert climate occurs in the mountains of Suva Planina, southeastern Serbia, where hundreds of grazing livestock suffer from thirst due to the lack of water caused by the absence of rain.

The only water source has long since dried up due to the drought affecting the area for several weeks. Military tanks supplying the area have stopped traveling since Saturday, Serbian news agency Beta reported. "Cataclysmic scenario" is how local media described the situation.

Many appeals to save livestock have been launched among residents and on social media. Finally, the authorities seem to have taken up the requests. "After four days of suffering, the animals will have water again," the newspaper Kurir informed today, telling of two tankers of the Serbian army that arrived during the night in Suva Planina. (ANSA).

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