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Foibe: Istrian Union, 250 remains discovered in Slovenia

'Almost all civilians with an average age of twenty.'

28 August, 14:58
(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 28 AGO - "The remains of about 250 victims, people murdered and inflicted, almost all civilians with an average age of twenty," have been identified in a natural cavity in the Kočevski area Rog in Slovenia. The Union of Istrians reported on its Facebook page, specifying that the news broke during a press conference by the "State Commission that deals with the killings carried out by the communists in 1945." "The chasm lies in the area between Veliki Rog and Stari žag in the neighborhood of an old partisan hospital, and the investigators found the remains at a depth of 14 meters," said the coordinator of the recovery operation, archaeologist Uroš Košir, the Union of Istrians reported. "Zdravko Bučar, president of the caving club, explained that the authorities gave their permit to excavation inside the cavity at the end of May, the first descent occurred at the beginning of July." The anthropological analysis, the Union of Istrians added, showed that "more than a hundred children between the age of 15 and 17 were murdered, and at least 5 are women. According to Košir, those investigating found a large amount of ammunition in the chasm and along the outer edges, which was proof that the killings occurred on the spot. The analysis of the incoming and outgoing wounds found on the skulls showed that the killers used automatic rifles." The head of the police investigation, Pavel Jamnik - the post reads - said that by crossing data and testimonies on the partisan activity in that area, the Ozna, the Yugoslav secret police, and in particular its "operational" arm, the Knoj (Korpus narodne obrambe Jugoslavije), or the People's Defense Corps of Yugoslavia, should be held responsible for the massacre. (ANSA).

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