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Kosovo: more than 170,000 left between 2013-17

Majority emigrated in 2015, 75,000

05 April, 15:41
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, APRIL 5 - More than 170,000 people left Kosovo between 2013 and 2017, according to a report of the Kosovo ministry of Interior, based on data from the national Agency for statistics, Radio Free Europe reported.

The number includes both legal and irregular emigrants.

Kosovars mostly moved to European Union countries, but also to the United States and Canada. Many have asked for asylum in the EU, but the requests were in great part rejected. In 2015 only, around 75,000 people emigrated from Kosovo, most of them illegally, Radio Free Europe noted. However, since 2017, the number of Kosovars leaving the country has significantly dropped, with 12,000 leaving that year. "Around 67,000 people requested asylum in 2015 but the figure dropped to 3,515 in 2018 and we think the trend will continue this year," an official from the ministry of Interiors was quoted as saying. (ANSA).

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