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Slovakia: PM, employing foreigners must be speeded up

Same conditions as Slovak. We won’t tolerate any social du

29 August, 20:44
(ANSA) - UDINE, 29 AGO - Due to the shortage of labour in the country, Slovakia needs to adopt a number of measures in the area of the controlled import of labour, including a measure that will cut the time needed for companies to hire foreigners, stated Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) after talks about the lack of labour in the country, Tasr reported.

"The situation in Slovakia is rather critical at the moment," added Pellegrini, noting that if the country doesn't speed up processes for accepting foreign employees, Slovakia could lose its competitiveness vis-a-vis surrounding countries.

"However, we won't adopt measures that would deteriorate the conditions for Slovak employees, which means that we won't tolerate any social dumping…," said the premier, adding that the import of foreign labour will be monitored, and companies will have to employ foreigners under the same conditions as those provided to Slovak employees and only in professions for which Slovakia lacks labour. Pellegrini added that the Government also wants to work with long-term unemployed Slovaks, including the Roma, and find ways to put this group on the labour market. (ANSA).

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