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Corruption Perceptions Index,Osce warns Albania on results

Tirana drops to 91st among 180 countries.'Still serious concern'

23 February, 15:38
(ANSA) - TIRANA - Transparency International published the results of its Corruption Perceptions Index 2017, ranking Albania the 91st among 180 countries and territories included in the index, a drop of eight places since 2016. Albania scored 38 out of 100 points, as Ibna press agency reports. In South-Eastern Europe, areas such the judiciary, law enforcement, freedom of press and civil society are the most affected. ''The phenomenon of corruption in the country continues to be of serious concern,'' said OSCE Head of Presence Bernd Borchardt. ''We call on public institutions and the rule of law agencies in Albania to proceed with the implementation of justice and anti-corruption reforms in line with international recommendations and obligations of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.'' Borchardt added that public institutions need to be more accountable for their work and officials must be more transparent in their decision-making. ''Citizens must play their part, too, by refusing to tolerate or sustain the problem.'' ''The result of this year's Index demands our intensified efforts to fight this phenomenon. The OSCE Presence in Albania regrets that the positive trend since 2013 (taking Albania from a low of 31 points to 39) was reversed in 2017 and remains committed to supporting Albania in its fight against corruption,'' concluded Borchardt. (ANSA).

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