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Austria: Tyrol votes for new Regional Assembly Sunday

537,273 voters going to the polls

22 February, 18:43
(ANSA) - BOZEN - 537,273 Tyroleans will go to the polls on Sunday - February 25 - to vote for the new regional assembly (diet) of the Austrian land, currently led by OEVP Governor Guenther Platter with the Greens. A second term is not certain.

The Greens want to stay in the governing majority only if this is strongly desired by the voters, or only if they were to win at least 10% of the vote.

The second hypothesis is a copy on a smaller scale of the national government between Oevp and Fpoe. The liberal-nationals may grow, following the example of Vienna, and they may be part of the governing majority in Tyrol. A grosse Koalition with the Social Democrats is not ruled out, even if it is not probable.

NEOS liberals, hoping to enter the Landtag for the first time, run in the general election too. (ANSA).

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