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Migrants: Budapest secretly received 1,291 refugees

While Orban is against immigrants and rejects quotas

07 February, 16:10
(ANSA) - BUDAPEST - Budapest in 2017 secretly received and accomodated 1,291 refugees who reached the Hungarian border, granting them asylum with refugee status, or humanitarian protection, whereas the government led by Viktor Orban is focusing his electoral campaign on propaganda against immigration and the quota system.

This was reported by the Immigration Office (Bah) at the insistence of some journalists. Most of those refugees come from Afghanistan and Syria.

''The government campaign against the alleged Soros plan and the danger represented by immigrants is a big fat lie in the light of these figures'', the opposition parties underlined.

Hungary was expected to receive 1,294 asylum seekers, relocated from Italy and Greece, but the government has always rejected the quota system, despite a verdict of the EU Court. (ANSA).

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