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Romania to expel over 100 migrants

Caught by the border police on a boat adrift in the Black Sea

19 September, 17:05
(ANSA) - BUCHAREST - Over 100 migrants from the group that attempted to illegally enter Romania last week will be expelled from the country. According to The Romania Journal, they were caught on a boat adrift in the Black Sea and saved by the border police officers. 61 migrants have been sheltered in the centers accommodating foreigners so far, with 49 of them asking for political asylum. There were also three children in the boat and they have been taken over by the Child Protection. Two boats with migrants have reached the Black Sea shore in the past two weeks. Last week, the Border Police took over 157 people in a boat floating adrift.

Interior minister Carmen Dan was warning in a recent interview that there were also persons presenting risks for the national security among the migrants who had entered Romania.

Yet, she explained there is no concerning number and that they are in custody. (ANSA).

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