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Germany: Merkel renounced e-car 2020 target, harsh criticism

Spd and Greens, sustainability policies should be revived

17 May, 09:50
(ANSA) - BERLIN - Angela Merkel renounced the goal of having one million electric cars in Germany by 2020. And right in the middle of general election campaign, this is enough to spark row and provoke criticism. The Economy Minister (Social Democrats) reacted, asking to revive sustainability policies, so that Germany can play a lead role in this sector.

Tuesday, at a session of her parliamentary group, German chancellor said: ''As far as I can see today, we will not achieve that goal''. Despite incentives for those who buy them, electric cars circulating in the country are in fact well below 100,000. However, Merkel did not close the door to hope: just like smartphones, it may still happen that new vehicles are urgently and suddenly needed. ''One cannot give up'', Minister Brigitte Zypries replied, ''we need to rethink how Germany can become a leading market''.

The Greens are very critical of the fact that the expansion of the necessary infrastructure has been ''overlooked'' and the incentive management (up to 4,000 for e-car buyers) were ''miserable''. (ANSA).

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