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Possible political crisis in Albania

President questions constitutionality of premier's decisions

21 February, 16:48
(ANSA) - TRIESTE - Albania's president Bujar Nishani questioned the lawfulness of the premier Edi Rama's recent decision to replace two ministers (finance and agriculture).

Nishani required the opinion of the Constitutional court on the matter, opening the way to a possibile political crisis in the country. But according to some, political games might be at stake, with this move potentially serving Nishani to gain time.

The minister for Parliament relations, Ermonela Felaj, told Top Channel that Nishani could be dismissed from his function "if he chooses to act like a militant of his own party", by not confirming the premier's decrees by Tuesday as required by the Constitution. Nishani became president in 2012 thanks to the majority vote of the right wing Democratic party which has since passed to the opposition, after Edi Rama's Socialist party had won the 2013 parliamentary elections.

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