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Germany: 'Café psst!', brothel in Berlin closes its doors

It was an 'institution', but it could not withstand competition

04 December, 18:51
(ANSA) - BERLIN - In Berlin, ''Café Psst!'' closes its doors for the final time. In the city where brothels are legal, and where you can find them scattered even throughout the bourgeois neighbourhoods, the brothel founded by Felicitas Schirow was a true 'temple' of 'sex for sale', a significant chapter in '' the history of civil rights of prostitutes in Germany''. That's what the Sueddeutsche Zeitung says today, reporting the news. The victory in a case dating back to 2000 - against the district administration that had revoked the cafe's licence - was the essential premise for the law on prostitution in 2002, which improved the protection of the profession by legalising it. Since then, however, the competition has increased, and ''Café psst!'' went bankrupt, falling victim of its own battles.


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