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Ukraine, USSR symbols removed from military ranks

New "Cossacks" ranks to comply with NATO structure

27 July, 19:14

(ANSA) - MOSCOW - New military ranks should reflect the ''Ukrainian and Cossack traditions'', in order to break with the old Soviet order and comply with the hierarchical structure - created by NATO - of the armed forces: this proposal was made today by Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko, during the presentation of the new uniform uniforms of the Ukrainian Army at the defence ministry headquarters.

''I do appreciate all proposals aiming to eliminate the Soviet legacy - Poroshenko said, quoted by Unian news agency -, we have to establish our Ukrainian traditions, and therefore new Ukrainian military ranks''. According to the head of state, for example, ''replacing the rank of lieutenant with khorunzhiy'', a lieutenant of the Cossack cavalry, ''fully respects the Ukrainian traditions and complies with the structure of NATO military ranks''. Poroshenko has also proposed to restore the rank of brigadier-general. (ANSA).

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