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Russian fleet, permanent presence in the Mediterreanean Sea

Putin signs new 'naval doctrine'

27 July, 14:04

(ANSA) - MOSCOW - A ''permanent'' presence of the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean Sea, to turn it 'in an area of 'military-political stability and good-neighbourliness'': this is one of the steps included in the new Russian maritime doctrine, approved yesterday by the Kremlin leader, Vladimir Putin, on the Day celebrating the Navy. The text was published on of the Presidency's website.

''Our country has proved to be a major maritime power, thanks to the courage of its sailors, the talent of its shipbuilders, the audacity of its famous explorers, pioneers and leaders of our Navy'', Putin said during the celebrations held in Baltisk, in the Kaliningrad enclave. ''We feel a great responsibility towards this status, before history and our ancestors, who built Russia's maritime glory and, of course, the future generations to whom we have to deliver a modern and powerful navy'', he added.(ANSA).

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