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Germany referred to EU Court on airport security and e-waste

Brussels is asking to apply a daily sanctions on WEEE Directive

29 May, 10:30
(ANSA) - BRUSSELS - The European Commission has referred Germany to the EU Court of Justice for failing to regularly monitor all aviation security measures at some German airports, as required by EU legislation, and also over its failure to transpose EU legislation on the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (known also as WEEE Directive).

Security measures are in place to help prevent criminal acts and in particular are expected to protect airports and planes against terrorist attacks with arms or explosives. Inspections by the Commission have shown that Germany does not comply with the minimum frequency and the scope of controls required under EU legislation.

The WEEE Directive modernises previous legislation, making it fit for purpose and more forward-looking. It introduces an ambitious new collection target of 45 % of electronic equipment sold that will have to be met in 2016 and, as a second step in 2019, a target of 65 % of equipment sold or 85 % of WEEE generated. The EU Commission is asking the Court to impose a penalty payment on Germany in the amount of 210,078 euros per day until this law is enacted. (ANSA).

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